A dog named Emma Zen is the inspiration for the Emma Zen Foundation which has donated more than 7,500 pet oxygen masks to firefighters and first responders across America.

Emma Zen was rescued by firefighters from the devastating wildfires in Southern California in 2017 and then was later adopted by Debra Jo Chiapuzio.


Due to their small airways and lung capacity, during a fire pets can not get enough oxygen and many suffocate quickly and pass away. Oxygen masks designed for humans are often too big and don’t properly fit over an animal’s snout. Donation of 7500 pet oxygen masks to firefighters and first responders will save many lives.

Debra Jo Chiapuzio, the Founder of Emma Zen Foundation, began by donating just 17 pet oxygen masks to fire a department and the response was overwhelmingly positive. She also trained firefighters on how to use them and her nonprofit Emma Zen and has since donated over 7500 pet oxygen masks

To Learn more about Pet Oxygen Masks and to donate Emma Zen Foundation visit their website. Emma Zen Foundation

Images: Courtesy Debra Jo Chiapuzio

Source: Today



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