Girl hugging and playing pug dog

If you ware a lover of Pugs and dogs in general then you have to see these pictures of Pugs! Pugs are one of the cutest breeds. Their unique dark faces, small size and even temperament make them the perfect dogs for families with young children! They have those irresistible big puppy eyes and wrinkly face folds.  These 10 photos prove that Pugs are the best dogs if you have young children bar none.

#1. Pugs are small and super easy to transport or travel with.


Cute dog pug sitting in the ergo device babycarrier


#2. Pugs are even temperament known to be playful and cheerful.


#3. They are companion dogs and love participating in family activities.

Dog being social with family


#4. Pugs don’t need as much space as some other bigger dogs.

Dog and Travel Concept


#5. Pugs are great with children due to their affectionate nature.

Little girl and her pug dog on green grass


#6. Pugs are easily potty-trained as well. So you don’t have to worry about

Puppy pug walking on grass


#7. Pugs make for great lap dogs.

Pug sitting with woman on sofa


#8. They are friendly and cheerful and do not need a lot of outdoor time.

pug dog assisting with homework


#9. Pugs are easily content and don’t need much apart from sleep and play.

Cute pug dog lying resting on the floor


#10. Pugs are a lovable dog breed, social and winsome.

Girl hugging and playing pug dog

Facts That Prove Pugs Are The Best Dogs If You Have Young Children

  • Pugs have a captivating appearance. They are prone to really funny expressions, and also they have an endearing character. They are highly very intelligent, that makes it very easy to see why they are a preferred selection for a household animal or a single person seeking a charming buddy.
  • Pugs are suitable for families with children because they are very playful and patient with children. The form of their mouth prevents them from biting hard which is a key safety factor around kids.
  • Pugs are amongst one of the most passive type of dog and gentle in nature. They will tolerate children prodding them but will walk away quietly if they are annoyed. Nonetheless, they are very easy to train, especially as puppies, and can be quite stubborn.

Generally, pugs live about 12-14 years, but can live well beyond their typical life expectancy with proper care, exercise, and nutrition.



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